Soul Circus

Soul Circus asks:

What does it mean to participate in the Eucharist?

What is sacred to you?

How is ritual relevant?

How should we respond?

Come and be part of it.

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Norwich Cathedral

Sunday 1st November 2015


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Who or what are Soul Circus?

We are a small team of people who feel called to draw meaning and significance out of the Eucharist and into our modern and post-modern lives. There’s something very powerful that happens when people gather to share the bread and wine of Holy Communion and we want to enter into that by mingling ancient traditions with modern creativity.

Who is the service for?

We welcome anyone who is looking to connect with God in a thoughtful and creative way. It is open to all ages, young and old, and we find that children have no problem accessing and participating in our services. The service is based upon Anglican Liturgy and forms but Soul Circus is open to any denomination, the churched or unchurched, there is no entry requirement.

What happens in the service?

Our style of service could be called “multi-sensory”. This means that we want to engage all your senses and create an environment that’s exciting and yet peaceful, fun and yet contemplative. We use a lot of electronic based meditative music, creative video, lighting and images to evoke an atmosphere of peace and expectancy. People often remark on the immense sense of peace they find during our services. We sing songs together, we share thoughts and prayers together, we participate in some form of activity that gives us an opportunity to reflect on the theme of the service and approach God in perhaps a different way. There’s normally somewhere to sit, although we usually invite you to move about to different places in the Cathedral. At the end of every service we come back together for the Eucharist, respected in its ancient traditional form. We encourage participation throughout – we invite you to use your mobile phone to text in thoughts and prayers and we hope that you’ll feel part of the service rather than an observer.

How do I find out more?

Come along – you’ll be enormously welcome. You’ll find us online in all the usual places and we love hearing from people. We’re also open to people wanting to contribute to the planning and design of the services – just get in touch.